Direct to garment printing


 Direct to garment printing is also referred to as DTG or digital printing. It is a great option for small quantities of t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel products. If you want photographic t-shirt printing,  direct to garment printing is a great option! The reason it is called direct to garment printing is because the design is applied directly to the garment from the machinery as opposed to applying it to  another thing like a transfer, and then applying it to the shirt. 

 Screen printing is also a direct to garment printing method, but most know when you say dtg you mean digital prints. Digital shirt printing  will retain all of the small details and colors in your image and can use as many colors as you would like in the design! Direct to garment printing uses water based ink on shirts that are at least 80% cotton, which gives a very soft feeling print you are sure to love!